We transform waste heat energy and HVAC inefficiencies into manufacturing process improvements.


Peak efficiency and compliance are two key motivators for most production facilities. Achieving both requires harnessing the power of what currently exists. Through detailed research and inspection, Energy Recovery Partners collects critical data so companies can capture their full potential.


Complete analytics not only give an overview of current operations – they also build the framework for a customized result. Partnering with hand-picked contractors who have a proven commitment to innovation and quality, Energy Recovery Partners helps manufacturers convert turnkey designs into comprehensive and cost-efficient solutions.


From pollution control, to HVAC design, to energy recovery, companies across the U.S. have realized notable process improvements and cost savings after completing projects with Energy Recovery Partners. The goal is to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency to ultimately capitalize on every ounce of potential.

Case Study: Odor Abatement

Manufacturing emissions can be a source of unpleasant odors. To address this issue in a Milwaukee suburb, Energy Recovery Partners utilized new technology that has proven effective and beneficial for the company and the surrounding neighborhood.


Case Study: Volatile Ingredients

Each manufacturing environment has its own, unique requirements that deserve careful attention; within a worksite that uses flour as a primary ingredient, a key consideration is the potential for combustion if the material is mishandled. This case study highlights how ERP provided assessment, equipment installation, engineering, and project management to address this critical need.


Case Study: Facility Renovation

Safety and compliance are important and necessary considerations for food packaging companies. Addressing airflow and filtering enabled this Midwest company to maintain rigorous industry standards at the highest possible level.